Acasa, in sfarsit...

Ciprian Porumbescu - Hora Detrunchiatilor

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  1. Were these photos taken in your homeland? Yellow leaves accentuate the monocromatic world of white snow and dark trees. It feels very cold but new lives for spring are buried in the snow and must be waiting to germinate.

    Thank you for the comment on the narcissus post. I always enjoy reading your impressions and thoughts. The narcissus are somewhat taken care of by the local people. They bloom during the season when the terraces are not used for growing vegetables. They fresh up the bleak scenery with their appearance, colors, and the scent. The narcissus at Nada-kuroiwa, which I made a link, are growing wild. Wish your dream come true and you live near a gigantic camphor tree where Totoro lives.


  2. Hello Yoko!

    Yes, the pictures were taken in my homeland, in Brasov, the city I live in now. It's a city built around the mountain called Tampa (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%C3%A2mpa,_Bra%C5%9Fov) and that's where I took them.

    It was a beautiful day, a few weeks ago, during the first abundant snow for this year. I climbed the mountain up to the top (which is not very high, just 960-995 m) and enjoyed the magical nature: all around the snow was weaving beautiful white lace and the silence of the forest was like a healing balm. A generous gift as only nature can offer us every day!

    I only wish I could capture and share more than just a series of pictures...