Earth day. Every day.

The sweet smell of a great sorrow lies over the land
Plums and smoke rise and merge into the leaden sky
A man lies and dreams of green fields and rivers,
But awakes to a morning with no reason for waking.

He's haunted by the memory of a lost paradise
In his youth or a dream, he can't be precise
He's chained forever to a world that's departed
It's not enough, it's not enough.

His blood has frozen and curdled with fright
His knees have trembled and given way in the night
His hand has weakened at the moment of truth
His step has faltered.

One world, one soul
Time pass, river roll...

And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication
And silent replies a swirl invitation
Flow dark and troubled to an oily sea
A grim intimation of what is to be.

There's an unceasing wind that blows through this night
And there's dust in my eyes that blinds my sight
And the silence that speaks so much louder than words,
Of promises broken...

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  1. Roxana, sometimes i almost lose my hope... yes, my friend, it is not easy for me too...
    Looking around our planet sometimes it seams we have lost respect for everything... but there are people who make effort for things going better... we have to find them to fortify ourselves...
    That is one motive because i am so glad for your friendship.
    You believe tha things can be better and this is what counts...
    The video, the music, the poem...beautiful!!!
    Thanks for making me going on believing...
    Warm hugs!

  2. Many times I am not sure if I believe or just... hope that things will get better. That we will get better, more awake, more sensitive, more determined to make a stand and finally change this crazy thing called "progress" these days.
    I know there's so many resources to really move forward, to develop without destroying all that's good in this world, without destroying the only home we've got, and sometimes I feel so frustrated and furious we're not bold enough to stand together and finally say "enough is enough!"...

    I also liked the video very much, that's why I've picked it. And the song, with the lyrics... I could listen to it forever. For me Pink Floyd are one of those musicians that passed beyond simple music. Their music is poetry, is philosophy, is spirituality all in one.

    A warm hug from me as well and take good care of yourself, Vera Vaz!

  3. Hi Roxana,
    I know some who have been working on a part of restoring rich forests. One thing is to grow nuts and acorns in the pot and plant seedlings of broad leaf trees in the wasteland. It takes much more time and efforts and energy to restore something once destroyed, still they can't afford to neglect it. They love earth so much. I'd like to do what I can do to help.

    The video is wonderful. The nature of our planet shows magical faces and shapes and hues in every part of the place in every change of time.
    Its video, music perfectly matches Happy Earth Day as a reminder.

    Have a nice week, Roxana!

  4. Hello Keiko,
    It's good to hear from you!
    I absolutely agree with you that it takes much more time and energy to restore something once destroyed. And I think the "time" part is the one that's troubling me the most, because I see that some are determined to destroy what's left before the others efforts to repair will have a chance to show some results. For instance, in my country, because of the fierce worldwide battle for resources, the politicians are struggling to start gas exploiting using hydraulic fracture, against people's will. A method that will destroy the lands, but most important will poison the underground drinking waters...
    I have only admiration and gratitude for those who work very hard to restore what's been broken and I too would like to do as much as I can to help.

    Not long ago I read a book written by a native american shaman called Bear Heart. And he said something really beautiful and touching there about the Mother Earth. He also said we can't heal her, we can only help preserve and replenish some of the good things on Earth. And in spite of all we have done, she continues to heal and give us energy...
    I would add that the least we can do is give her time to heal herself.

    Have a great week and take care of yourself!

  5. Thank you, Roxana, for introducing such a wonderful movie on youtube!
    I know what a "miraculous planet and the wonders we've been blessed to live among". It gives hope to know that there are nations or people have put serious efforts to preserve the planet without using up exhaustible resources of it.
    I'd like to see its beautiful image again.
    Have a nice day, Roxana!

  6. Keiko,

    I am so happy you liked the movie! Our planet it's unbelievably mysterious and miraculous and I too would like to "see its beautiful image again".
    I have seen this movie three times now and I still like to re-watch it from time to time, as a reminder of what Earth should be again and that this thing won't be possible without the combined efforts of every one of us.

    Have a good day, Keiko, and thank you for the feed-back!

  7. Hi, Roxana. To be frank with you, I had thought Pink Floyd was not a cup of my tea for their psychedelic image without knowing them and their music enough. Now I have different impression.

    Humans think we are superior, but, if we are so superior why we damage the Earth? It’s just too easy for us to blame our civilization, certain politicians or some developers, and then go back to leading the wasteful lives of consumption. Our lives are made on other lives sacrifices. Our modern lifestyles are quickly ruining the beautiful world around us: we have to live with this awareness and have to keep positive attitude for the change of lifestyle. Indeed, “Earth Day, Every Day” as you wrote.


  8. Hello, Yoko!

    I think you hit the nail on the head here. Indeed, the key factor is working with our attitude for a change of lifestyle. It's not enough to sign an online petition (anonymous if possible...) or donate a small amount of money for who knows what cause and after that return living our lives unchanged, free of remorse or guilt, because "hey, we did something good". That's not good and that's not real change. Change is when we fight with ourselves, with our own fears, prejudices and stagnation in old consumption habits as well as with others around who will call us naive if believing one man can make a difference.
    I often say I may not live to see the harvest of humanity's right direction, but that's not an excuse to stop trying to do my part in this process.

    I remember how reluctant I was when I first heard of Pink Floyd, and after listening some of their music I ended up listening only Pink Floyd for more than one year. Yes, I know how it sounds! :) Anyway, if you want to listen some more, I recommend you try "A momentary lapse of reason" and "The division bell" which are their best albums in my opinion.

  9. I read some of the lyrics in these albums and thought you share the sensitivity and sharpness with them. I feel they spoke for you.


  10. It's very nice for you to say that, Yoko. Thank you!
    The truth is I was 19 years old when I started listening to their music, and I couldn't understand very much (neither the English nor the philosophy behind the lyrics) but it made me feel good. I could somehow find myself into it and this is the reason I continued listening for so long.

    You have a good night!

  11. Hi, roxana,
    About 150 years ago, we had not so much serious issues such as changing climate, pollution and more. Looking back to the long history of human beings, 150 years must be a blink. I think this started when we started to use more oil and nuclear power following the development of industries. Our lives have been comfortable and convenient in a way, but we must pay for that sacrificing Mother Nature. It is very sad.
    As you said, underground water contamination is one of the worst problems. Poisoning of water does not appear very soon. Ten years later or so, it will suddenly appear and we won’t know the cause of contamination. In Japan, we have nuclear plants’ issues. If we have poisoned underground water 10 years later, who can prove the real cause of contamination. Who can associate it with nuclear power plants issue. Also, unlike river water, to purify the underground water is almost impossible.
    I have read the life style of people in Edo Period (1603 – 1867). Time was comfortably slow and there was scarcely the concept of garbage. People recycled almost everything. Houses were built of wood, so it was easy to dismantle and repair and reassemble them. Things were biodegradable. Nowadays too much plastic, they seem to stay forever once they are thrown away.
    But, I am not pessimistic. Human beings can be the worst beasts but also can be the most merciful beings. I believe in wisdom of human beings.

  12. Hello, keiko!

    I admire your confidence and optimism regarding the wisdom of human beings. In a way, I also feel we'll be able to pass the test we're facing, the test of weather evolving by taking the natural step forward, or disappearing as species. But I also fear there's still a lot of darkness to deal with until the light of a new, spiritual dawn will come upon us.

    Just as you have the example of people from Edo Period, we also have records of our ancestors living-customs according to nature's laws and rhythm. They were resourceful and inventive, they were moderate and respectful, taking and using no more than they needed, recycling almost everything in their household.
    Furthermore, it appears we still have people living like that in a few remote, scattered villages in the mountains. But they're now considered obsolete and even primitive, just because they don't wish for more. Because they "fight" to preserve a way of life in respect for nature and all living things.
    I know in the end, the Earth has the power to regenerate herself and replenish the richness and beauty that once was, with or without us. Which it will be it's only up to us!

    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts and feelings with me, keiko, it was a joy receiving your visit!

  13. roxana,
    What a wonderful expression it is, "taking and using no more than they needed"!! I love this.