De ce? si cum?...

Cand suntem copii, ne intrebam permanent de ce? si cum?, incercand sa descoperim si sa intelegem lumea in mijlocul careia ne-am nascut. Plini de inocenta, dorim sa ne implinim curiozitatea si traim viata aici si acum, urmand inconstient vocea interioara a esentei din noi. Adevarati exploratori, vrem sa aflam de ce ploua, de ce rasare soarele la inceputul fiecarei zile si apune la sfarsitul ei, cum zboara pasarile si de ce noi oamenii nu putem face la fel. Si fiecare raspuns neprimit, fiecare raspuns umilitor ori care vine sa ne taie indrazneala si sa ne puna la colt prin faptul ca “asta o vom afla cand vom fi mai mari”, caci intrebarea pusa nu este potrivita varstei noastre, are menirea de a construi in jurul nostru un baraj de frici, ignoranta si prostie.

Pas cu pas, ajungem sa inlocuim de ce –urile? si cum-urile? cu fraze si idei de-a gata despre cum stau lucrurile, prea putin descoperite de noi insine si prea mult primite de la altii, “perfecte” dar niciodata perfectibile...

Pas cu pas, ajungem sa acceptam inconstient raspunsuri ce nu ne apartin si pe care nu le intelegem, transformandu-l pe de ce? in ce? si pe cum? in cat?...inlocuind cunoasterea, cu pretul unei false sigurante.

Pas cu pas, ne oprim din crestere, ofilindu-ne incet precum o planta cruda permanent privata de apa si de soare, condamnati la nefiinta prin faptul ca ne-am ratat sansa de a ne maturiza…

Pas cu pas, ajungem sa ne vindem pe o mana de lucruri moarte si fara continut, ce nu vor putea aduce niciodata inapoi acel sentiment al copilariei ca ne “traim viata”, nu viata ne traieste pe noi…

Si toate astea, fara a mai avea curajul sa ne intrebam  cum? si de ce? am ajuns aici…  

As children, we constantly ask ourselves and the others why?  and how? in discovering and understanding the world we were brought into. Full of innocence, we want to satisfy our curiosity and we live life here and now, instinctively following our inner essence. As little explorers, we want to know why is it raining, why does the sun always rise at the beginning of the day and sets at the end of it, how are the birds flying and why can’t we do the same. And every un-received answer, every disqualifying answer or one that cuts our wings and puts us in the corner by “you’ll be told that when you’re older”, since the question we put wasn’t proper for our age, comes to build around us a casement of fear, ignorance and stupidity.

Step by step, we get to replace our why-s? and how-s? with ready-made lines and ideas we know, not from our self-discovering but from others,  “perfect” but never perfectible…

Step by step, we get to unconsciously accept answers we don’t understand, turning the why? into what? and the how? into how much?... replacing knowledge, with the price of a false certainty.

Step by step, we give up ripening, slowly decaying like a small plant deprived of water and sun, doomed to perish for throwing away our chance to mature…

Step by step, we get to sell ourselves to a hand full of dead, hollow things which will never be able to bring back that lost childhood’s feeling that we are living our life, not life is living us…

And all, without even having the courage to ask ourselves why? and how? did we come to this…

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  1. your words and your photo are pure poetry and I drink of them like fresh water when we are thirsty...
    Hugs and kisses, my dear friend Roxana!

  2. I am here through Stardust/Yoko.
    Your blog is like a hidden treasure to me.
    I don't mean to humble myself but I am quite a prosaic person and I'm afraid how much I can understand the sensitivity and sensibility of the people like you, but at least I feel inspired by your heartfelt sincerity.
    I like your header.
    I'd like to come here again to learn more.

  3. vera luiza,
    I believe the same spring of fresh waters can allay our thirst. it's just some of us are afraid to drink, unless the water comes from a bottle...
    even though I cannot understand Portuguese (I had to accept the help of google translate), I have the strong feeling you are not of them!

    a warm hug from me as well and take good care of yourself!

    p.s. the picture is of my favorite spot in the Botanical Garden in Bucharest, our capital, a place I liked to visit often during spring, when I used to live there.

  4. Hello, cosmos and welcome!

    I'm equally happy and honored if what you've found on my blog touched and inspired you, and thank you for deciding to share your impressions with me!

    You say you are a prosaic person and I admire that. For me prosaic means normal, authentic, spontaneous. And this is what I've found on your blog: the words of a sensible person who resonates with the world and nature around her, a person who makes mistakes but has the courage to admit them and have a good laugh about it.
    I'll keep visiting you from now on!

    The picture displayed in my header is from a place I dream of having a house someday. The area is really beautiful and filled with ancient history.

    Best of wishes and have a good week!

  5. Hi, roxana! Another thoughtful and touching thoughts! Small children have pure love of learning, they are full of why or how. Maybe we humans are perfect when we were born, and gradually start deteriorating when childhood is over? I’d like to be very young at heart. Thanks you, Roxana, for the beautiful reminder.


  6. Hi, Yoko!

    You are right, when we are children the love of learning is very strong, I'm only wondering why does it fade so quickly? Or better, why do we let it fade so quickly? Because I believe it's a decision we make at some point: out of fear, out of commodity maybe, I don't know. After all to stop and think about things, to look for our own answers is not an easy thing to do. It's very energy consuming, not to mention that most of the time we kind of swim against the current...
    But it has to be a decision, otherwise how could we admit the possibility of enlightenment? We are perfect when we're children, but we are also unconscious. And I think wisdom only comes from consciousness.
    Thank you as well for your provocation to think about the subject further!