somewhere, over the rainbow...

uneori, in cele mai intunecate momente ale vietii noastre, frumosul se incapataneaza sa iasa la suprafata. cand totul pare pierdut si fara iesire, iar lucrurile isi pierd rostul,  ceva din noi reuseste sa-si strecoare spre inafara lumina.

sa fie doar o compensatie?.. sa fie, poate, expresia efortului de-a ne pastra luciditatea, un mod de a ne “arde” si depasi  nevroza?... 

ori mai degraba oglinda pe care Sinele ne-o aseaza in fata, pentru a vedea ca suntem mai mult decat pierderea, durerea si intunericul? ca suntem, nu o temnita, ci campul verde ce transforma suferinta-n flori si lacrimile-n curcubeu…

sometimes, in our darkest times, beauty grimly fights to come to grass. when all seems lost and helpless and things become meaningless, there’s always something inside of us sliding out its light.  

is it just a compensation?... is it, maybe, an expression of the effort to keep our mind in one place, a way to “burn” and overcome our neurosis?...

or rather a mirror, laid in front of our eyes by the Self, for us to see that we are more than loss, pain and darkness put together? that we are not a prison, but the green field who turns suffering into flowers and tears into rainbow…

10 comentarii:

  1. Roxana, your art is pure emotion...
    I almost cry with the beauty of your work...
    Certainly angels come from God and inspire you to make all this wonderful art!
    No matter why we do what we like if we do it with our heart...
    I thank you because I can appreciate your art!
    Love from Brazil!

  2. Vera Luiza Vaz,

    Your words are pure emotion... thank you very much for sharing your feelings about my embroidery! It's an honor for me.
    Even though I never considered my works a form of art, you are most generous and delicate with your appreciation!

    Best of wishes and a warm hug,

  3. AAAA, imi place. Mult. Cred ca il vinzi, nu?

  4. Irina, multumesc mult, ma bucura entuziasmul tau! :)

    Da, este de vanzare, la fel ca tot ceea ce am facut pana acum.
    Pe la jumatatea saptamanii care vine, cred ca voi reusi sa le pun si pe etsy :), iar blogul "dedicat" broderiilor si lucrurilor ce vor mai aparea pe parcurs, cu detalii (inclusiv preturi) este aproape gata.
    O zi frumoasa, cu drag.

  5. HI, Roxana! Your embroidery is always so beautiful and a feast to eyes. The rainbow and the lovely flowers brighten up our hearts as well as the landscape. I think even in the coldest winter, spring is already come in our heart when holding excitement for the upcoming spring.

    Thank you for your warm words on my post. Yes, I’m proud of who I have (maybe this expression is not appropriate, because relationship is not a possession) in stead of what I have. I’m happy to have my family, friends including you around me. I love to share the nature I love with my loved ones as well as solitary talk to nature.
    Have happy and peaceful days ahead!


  6. Dear Yoko,

    Thank you very much for your touching words! I think I miss spring so much that I decided to make my own garden of flowers...
    This embroidery came out really funny: it started like a game - to practice as many stitches as I can, and ended in a manner I'm very satisfied with. Furthermore, it gave me a good mood the whole time I worked to finish it.

    I'm also happy to have you as a friend and I value a lot our encounters!
    All the best and have good days ahead!

  7. Hi Roxana,
    I was introduced your nice glog by Stardust.
    Your embroidery is so pretty.
    Thank you for the lovely legend about Martisor and the performance of Ion Voicu. I like this tune. It sound like "Csardas".
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi, Sarah and welcome!

    Thank you very much for your appreciation, I'm happy you enjoyed both my embroideries and the legend of Martisor!
    This performance of Ion Voicu is one of my favorite, because this piece of music in particular, gives me that feeling that "the spring is already here".
    I found your association with Csárdás very interesting and intuitive: originated in Hungary, Csárdás is usually played by Gypsy music bands; also Ion Voicu was of Gypsy ethnicity, just like Grigoras Dinicu, the Romanian composer and violin virtuoso who wrote this music piece called "Hora Martisorului".

    All the best and have a great Sunday!

  9. Dumnezeule mare ,Roxana ai maini de aur !
    Ma trec fiorii cand vad ce minunatii faci .
    E o incatare sa privesc .
    Ai un talent care ma tem ca se pierde .
    Deschide un club ,o Scoala de cusut si broderie si nu lasa sa se pairda asa o mostenire .
    Te pup !

  10. Draga Lia,

    Multumesc tare mult pentru vorbele frumoase, si mai ales pentru votul de incredere!
    M-ai facut sa zambesc la gandul ca mi-as putea deschide o scoala de cusut si broderie. Tinand cont de faptul ca nu am nici un fel de pregatire in domeniu, si-am inceput sa brodez cu doar un an si jumatate in urma (ghidandu-ma dupa doua carti cu puncte de cusatura si mergand pe un un oarecare simt ce-l am in sensul asta) ideea mi s-a parut... wow! Eu, sa predau cuiva cum sa coasa?!

    Insa tare m-am bucurat primind mesajul tau, caci pentru mine asta inseamna ca merg pe un drum bun.
    Te pup si multumesc inca o data!