demnitate furata... / stolen dignity...

de obicei nu cumpar flori. nu-mi place sa le vad taiate si odata uscate, mi-este greu sa le arunc la gunoi.
le ador insa afara, in natura. la fel in casa, plantate in ghivece. cat mai multe!
astazi am facut o exceptie. buchetele mici, aproape la fel de ofilite ca mainile ei, mi-au agatat privirile. aveau ceva de pasare speriata prinsa-ntre palme, intr-o fatala clipa de neatentie. la fel de gingase, la fel de frumoase.

am intrebat-o cu cat le vinde iar ea, ridicand inspre mine privirea batrana si totusi inca limpede, mi-a raspuns "cu cat vreti dumneavoastra". am scos o bancnota si i-am intins-o, primind in schimb buchetul mic de suflete legate strans laolalta. si pret de o clipa, mainile ni s-au atins. ale mele erau calde. ale ei, uscate si racoroase.

inapoi spre casa, drumul mi s-a parut mai lung...

I usually don't buy flowers. I hate to see them cut off and once dead, I find it very hard to throw them into the rubbish bin. but I adore them outside, in the nature. and also inside, planted into pots. the more the merrier!
today I made an exception. the small bouquets, almost as sear as her her hands were, caught my sight. there was something about them, like a frightened bird caught in the trap of one's palms in a fatal moment of carelessness. just as gentle, just as beautiful.

I asked her how much she's selling and with an old, but still lucid look, she answered "with how much you want". I took a bill and handed to her, receiving in exchange a small bouquet of souls tightly bound together. and for a transient second, our hands touched. mine were warm. hers, dry and coldish.

the way back home seemed somehow longer...

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  1. Dear Roxana, I feel so touched with your report of the "episode of the flowers"!
    It shows the great heart you have! It is hard to be in a situation like this one!
    And the flowers are smiling if you noticed... They are so gentle...
    This is what I call poetry on the concrete... the one I really admire and prefer...
    Don't worry, my friend, you did your best!
    Warm hugs from Brasil!

  2. Dear Vera,
    They were really smiling this morning, bathed in the bright sunlight!
    Thank you for your gentle words, I don't feel like I have a great heart, just a great sadness to see our elders treated like this.
    I only hope the day to put them back where they belong, to be respected and protected is not too far.

    I know there was nothing more I could do for her and I'm also pretty sure she would have not accepted even if I had tried...

  3. ...ma gandeam cum ar fi, daca ar incepe fiecare zi cu o lectura ca asta de pe blogul tau?
    Multumesc Roxana!

  4. Szusszanas, eu iti multumesc!
    Nu stiu cum ar fi... probabil diferita si in acelasi timp la fel, pentru fiecare.

  5. Dear Roxana, injustice deep hurts.
    Also have hope to see things different someday not so far...
    Love and peace always!
    Nice week for you, my friend!

  6. Flower bouquet comes to life again and looks beautiful. From her "lucid" look, she doesn't seem to be unhappy and dissatisfied with her situation but doing something what she can. Your description "as sear as her hands" or "dry and coldish" speaks about her well but as you say she may not want any pity.
    I may not understand what you mean well but I also hope the situation will get much better for elders, not only elders but the weakers live in comfort and dignity.


  7. Dear Keiko,
    Can you believe it's still just as fresh as it looks in the pictures? I feel a great comfort to see it fully bloomed every morning.

    The episode I'm referring in my text it's not unique and sadly, not even accidental. That's what makes it so revolting. It is about the social situation we're in because of the greedy and corrupted politicians who governed our country for the last 20 years. A situation in which the weaker, as you better put it, had been robbed of the minimum comfort and dignity, some of them even impelled to lower themselves to beggar levels in order to survive. And all that after a lifetime of work and sacrifices, or if we speak about the children, before even having a chance to start a life of their own.
    Well, the situation is complex and hard to describe in a few words. It's also something we will have to figure out how to change.
    The old woman I met on Sunday I guess didn't want pity, since she wasn't begging. But the shame and the bitterness I saw in her eyes said everything about how she felt being in that situation. It's true I don't know anything about her or the circumstances that led her to such an unhappy present, I'm sure in a way she bears some of the responsibility for it.
    But I know much of the circumstances we are in depend on those who govern us. And they govern and decide mainly for their own welfare...

    Thank you very much for your visit and your nice comment and have good days ahead!

  8. I think I know why you made an exception, roxana, as you seem to have understanding and awareness of other people’s needs, problems, or feelings as well as yours. But as you feel pleased to see the flowers blooming fresh every morning, the old woman would be doing well despite her situation. These flowers in the vase is really beautiful. Each flower looks as if talking “Look at me, talk to me.”

    I’ve learned the meaning of “real spring of Romania is not yet to come even after the collapse of Ceausescu”, what you wrote to me in the past. I wonder if that revolution caused only a change of rulers? When people get power, they tend to get corrupt.

    Have restful days ahead.

  9. Dear Yoko,
    Thank you for your warm and comforting comment, I always feel you really listen and understand what I'm trying to say!...
    Indeed the revolution only brought a change of rulers, and unfortunately (even though it may be hard to believe) in so many ways, they were worse than Ceausescu. Because they opened the gates for the greed of a lot of local upstarts turned into "politicians" over night, as well as of foreigners with interests in huge, rapid gains through exploiting our country's resources no matter the costs... And like that, while the majority of our people struggle for a basic life, a few prosper and make fortunes selling the future of our children for generations to come.
    I felt pretty sad and angry these days and that's one of the reasons I'm answering you so late. I'm sorry for that!

    My best of wishes and have good days ahead!

  10. Hi, Roxana! It’s very polite of you to respond to each comment. Though I look forward to reading your response to my comment, I don’t mind no response or delayed one when you don’t have enough time to be online. Take it easy. (I’m sorry I haven’t replied to your comment on my post.) I think I know your sadness and anger. The news about Romania is almost unheard of in my country since the fall of Ceausescu. The social condition you pointed out couldn’t be revealed if media with sense of justice or ordinary people don’t stand up. I searched on the Net and learned that protest movement against the political class is growing, which is a good move. If you’re involved, please make yourself safe, Roxana.


  11. Hi Roxana,
    I am also a bit worried about you and your country. The situation is much or less the same about the politician; I think every country has its own share of the problem and it is a matter of degree but seeing from what you wrote, things are worse.
    I just keep my fingers crossed that things turn out better.


  12. Dear Yoko,

    I usually respond the comments I receive because I have time to do so and I enjoy exchanging thoughts and ideas with those visiting me. When I'm busy or I need the time to think about the things I've been written, I answer later than usual. Or not at all. I also don't mind no response or belated ones, so don't you worry for not replying my comments on your blog!

    Now, about my country, yes there's been some peaceful protests during winter, because people are tired of our politician's corruption and greed. Basically, because of the economical crisis, we're facing the same problems other EU countries do - salary cuts, increased taxes etc. The difference is that while prices are the same as they are in western countries (Germany, UK, France, Italy..) most salaries and pensions are lower than 1/3 of theirs. So people find it almost impossible to make a decent living, and it's only normal to protest against the increasing "austerity measures" imposed by the government and IMF especially when they see the political class is getting richer and richer from our pockets. The most exposed social categories are the elders and people with special needs. Also families with school children, in particular those with both parents having public jobs, not private.
    In these conditions the country keeps loaning money from the european bank and IMF, obliging the population for generations to come, but produces less and less since almost all industry (and now agriculture) left behind by Ceausescu's regime had been put down and sold to foreign companies for insignificant amounts and with no stipulation in our benefit. They've tried to do the same with the country's resources, but fortunately some of us fought back and made them withdraw their "negotiations". For now at least! Gas exploiting using hydraulic fracture or gold mining using cyanides are two of their worst "initiatives".
    We recently had a government replacement as well as local elections last Sunday, so now a different alliance of parties is ruling the country. We wait and see what they'll do, but I'm not very optimistic about it...
    I was not involved in the street protests about changing the political class, but I deeply care about our resources, especially when its exploitation means poisoning our soil, air and waters!

  13. Dear Keiko,

    Thank you very much for your care and concern! We all hope things will turn out better at some point. It would be sad not to, since we have a marvelous country with a peaceful, warm and welcoming people.
    I totally agree with you, the thing with the politicians is more or less similar in every country, only the degree is varying. I'm just wondering how much of this variation is solely dependent on the "local culture" of each country and how much is being influenced by outside interests?...
    So, I guess "we shall live and shall see". This is what we use to say in clouded times.

    My warmest wishes and have a sunny weekend, Keiko!

  14. "Gas exploiting using hydraulic fracture or gold mining using cyanides” is so terrible. Such acts must be stopped at once but who can do that if politicians are not committed to the wellbeing of their country men? I think most of Romanians are hard working, descent, and honest, and can stand adversity. It is said that to test a man’s character, give him/her power. I hope the new government works really hard to get right things done...... against your expectation.