Step by step

“Asa cum cartile se citesc cuvant dupa cuvant, la fel si drumurile se strabat pas cu pas” citeam deunazi  intr-una din cartile mele de suflet, Sky burial. De cate ori nu alegem insa o scurtatura, crezand ca vom atinge aceeasi destinatie?...

"Just as books are to be read word by word, so the roads are to be taken step by step"  i was reading the other day in one of my dearest books, Sky burial. But how many times do we choose a shortcut, believing we'll reach the same destination?...

Shigeru Umebayashi : Lovers ("House of Flying Daggers" 2004)

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  1. So, you couldn't help embroidering the pink-lavendar cloth and poured your feelings about May into it, Roxana? I can easily imagine you embroidered stich by stitch, maybe with your fond memory in your heart? When I’m in a rush, I don’t feel I am free. On the contrary, when I take time, I’m free enough to see simple joy. And besides, we find many things on the detour, don’t we?

    Regarding your comment about my knowledge of flowers, actually I don’t know about plants well except common things. Before updating about a certain plant, I make a research about it on the Net, and I mingle my (overflowing) impressions and thoughts about the flower with the information. You teach me something about Japan which I don’t know. (You once introduced me Studio Ghibli”s “Tales from Earth sea” which I hadn’t seen, remember?) I didn’t know Shigeru Umebayashi. I’ve seen this film but didn’t know the composer of the soundtrack. In Japanese, family name is first: “Umebayashi Shigeru” means “Japanese apricot glove grows thick with leaves. “ – the name flows beautiful both in sound and in meaning. What a lovely name he has! What a moving tune he composed!


  2. Dear Roxana, as always, your work of art is a pleasure for the eyes, for the soul, for the heart!
    And, at this time, in rose!!! So cute!! I've loved it!

    About the short cut or not we choose, I think the main important is to be responsable in the way we've chosen, cause what I see, in general, is lots of people not responsable for almost everything in life... infortunately...

    Responsability for me is a great value together with others as honesty,sincerity...

    Hugs and friendship from Brasil, my dear friend!

  3. Yoko,

    I found myself liking the color and the softness of linen so much that I'd be crazy enough to make everything around here using this material. It gives me such a good feeling of "comfort and fresh".
    When I wrote about shortcuts I also had in mind the recent lesson I received in return for my approach to the long cold I had. Trying to ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist brought back to my attention the importance of acceptance and patience.

    I would have never thought you don't have strong, extended knowledge about flowers! But I understand now you "only" have a great love for them, a sensible eye capable of catching those great details and angles that escape the ordinary spectator and a sharp mind knowing where to find the relevant information and fit them in with the overflow inside. What a beautiful combination!

    I'm happy I've introduced you to Shigeru Umebayashi's profound music which is very dear to me. I'm also grateful you've chosen to translate the meaning of his beautiful name. Thank you very much! Though it makes me a little bit sad I didn't struggle more to continue trying to learn Japanese, as I did for a little while as a student...
    My favorite piece of his is "Lullaby", from the soundtrack of Jet Li's "Fearless" movie. But I've already post it twice on my blog so... :)
    Besides, "Lovers" was a better match for the book, Sky burial.

  4. Dear Vera,

    Your visit is, as always, a joy for me! I'm glad you like my colorful embroideries just as much as I do.

    It's funny you're speaking about responsibility, because just the other day I was discussing about it with Yoko, referring to Antoine de Saint-Exupery's writings and in particular to his book "Wind, Sand and Stars" or "Terre des hommes" in original. And wee both agreed with the author that responsibility is the essence of man. For me responsibility means assuming the choices we make as well as accepting the unexpected outcomes that might derive from it.
    Unfortunately, I couldn't agree more with you, there's too many people refusing to take responsibility for their own actions!...

    My warmest wishes to you too and have a great week ahead!

  5. Beautiful deep spring color embroidered meticulously and attentively. I can feel its softness of the material.
    I'd like to read "Sky Burial" if there is a Japanese version. Actually I haven't read books so much but among a few books I read, I remember Wild Swans by Jung Chang.
    I didn't know the composer either. There's something that tug at my heartstrings in his music.I like it.

    Have a nice week Roxana,


  6. Thank you very much Keiko, I am glad you liked this set! For me they are in my best five embroideries so far. :)

    After receiving your nice comment I went looking for "Wild Swans" and seems like an interesting book. In a way, it reminded me about "The good women of China" also written by Xinran, the author of "Sky burial", because of the different typologies of women described, exponents of three cultural generations in China. Only that Xinran's book seems tougher, it takes a strong stomach to digest some of the horrors done to the Chinese women during the Cultural Revolution. And all true unfortunately...
    On the other hand, "Sky burial" is usually presented as an epic love story about a Chinese women departed in Tibet in search for her beloved husband disappeared there and declared dead, but I felt it's more like the story of an inner journey of self-discovery through love, hardships, patience, remissions, despair, acceptance and forgiveness.
    I think you would like it and I'm just sorry I don't have it anymore to send it to you. I would have really loved that!

    My warmest wishes and take good care!

  7. Imi zic ca ar trebui sa incep sa iti scriu in engleza?
    Imi plac broderiile, imi place cum le-ai aranjat. Si imi plac gutuile in geam!

  8. Irina, chiar te rog sa nu!!!
    Doar ca in ultima vreme, se pare ca numai asa s-au potrivit lucrurile...
    Ma bucur ca ti-au placut broderiile, pe viu arata chiar mai bine. Zise modesta de mine! :)

    Si mie imi plac gutuile in geam, le ador parfumul, iar dulceata de gutui e preferata mea! Cu ele in gand si cu vocea lui Tudor Gheorghe cantandu-mi in minte "La fereasta cu gutuie" a aparut blogul cu si despre broderii.

  9. Roxana scumpa, ai un blog minunat!
    Savurez fiecare cuvant pe care l-ai scris, iar broderiile tale merita sa fie admirate de toata lumea. Esti o adevarata artista. Te imbratisez cu drag.

  10. Buna seara, Rita!

    Iti multumesc frumos pentru aprecieri si cuvintele frumoase! Ma bucur ca iti plac broderiile mele, mie torturile tale mi se par extraordinare! Intotdeauna i-am admirat pe cei care pun atat de mult suflet, daruire si talent intr-un tort opera de arta si in bucatarie, in general.
    Te imbratisez cu drag, o noapte buna!