the remains of today

 aspiration... / nazuinta...

where do we go from here?... / de aici inspre mai departe...

flowers in the window (in old medieval part of Brasov)... / flori la fereasta (in centrul istoric al Brasovului)...

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  1. Hello, Roxana! I remember the beautiful snow scenes of Brasov in your past post, and now it’s full of green and is animated. Eventually we go to the place where we came from, but before that there’s so much to enjoy and learn from this beautiful world. The antique architectures of Brasov is fascinating. Do people live there or are they used as hotels or the likes? You live in such a beautiful town.


  2. Hello, Yoko!
    Yesterday I actually intended to climb Tampa mountain and take pictures from the same places I took in winter. It would have been a beautiful contrast. Sadly, I couldn't but I promised myself to do it real soon.
    The city is beautiful indeed and it has a great potential to become a real gem for tourists all over the world. It is already one of the most visited cities in Romania no matter the season.
    The antique architecture comes from the time Brasov was a medieval citadel. Some of the buildings had been restored, others are "in plan to" and they are inhabited by ordinary people. There's also a few renovated hotels and cafe's like that bistro in the picture. As I understood the local authorities have an ongoing project to renovate all the buildings in the historic center by 2015 or so and also to plant 20.000 magnolia species in order to make Brasov the international capital of magnolia. Sounds good to me! :)

    Sometimes we have to travel afar only to discover that we belong to the place we left behind. And that makes the far away places even more beautiful, because they bring us closer to ourselves.

  3. Roxana, how beautiful everything is in your blog!
    Did I say this before?
    Well I have to say it again, because my heart asks for it...
    Coming here is like breathing the air of the places in the photos...
    There is such a magic feeling and I thank you for this since far distant here...
    Hugs from Brasil!

  4. Dear Vera,

    Seen through your eyes and enthusiasm my blog really seems beautiful! Thank you for your encouragement and support, it means a lot to me.
    And I'm happy if you get to feel a little bit of Brasov's atmosphere from my pictures. Even though it is not my home town (I was born at the seaside)and I moved in here only recently, it is the city I felt most comfortable in my life so far. I promise to come back with some more pictures the next week.

    Warm wishes and a big hug from me as well!!

  5. Hi Roxana,
    Looks like Brasov is an attractive city; rich in nature and lots of antique buildings.I am glad to hear they were well restored and some are in the making. From the pictures you show here, I can feel the atmosphere of the city steeped in history, quiet and calm and not showy. Magnolias will sure go with it.
    "And that makes the far away places even more beautiful, because they bring us closer to ourselves." It's an interesting perspective and I think it true.
    Dreaming of Brasov,


  6. Hello Keiko!

    The city is rich in nature (could be even more if it were for me), not to mention that it's built around the beautiful Tampa mountain.
    I liked the word you used to describe your impression: "not showy". It's the best I would use to express my feeling since first I saw it. Compared with other cities and even with our capital who has got a melting pot of people from all over the country, Brasov has a welcoming "attitude" and an openness you can immediately feel.
    Some time ago I started writing about the cities I have visited or lived into and I compared them with books. For me cities are like books. I will continue shortly with Brasov as well adding some more pictures. I'll just have to wait for the rain to pass.

    Thank you for you visit and kind words!

  7. Irina, multumesc!
    Brasovul este un oras frumos intr-adevar, inca il gust si-l descopar...