Doruri / Longing

Am cusut-o cu gandul hoinarind pe dealuri... Peste covoarele de iarba grasa si peste florile pajistilor alpine. Betie a simturilor si liniste binecuvantata picurand in urechi. Ca un balsam... 
Cu ea sub crestet, cerul  ar fi mai tare. Si mai albastru.

Ma pregatesc insa de mare... De Dobrogea mea draga si de verde. De drumurile-i dulci, strajuite de plopi tremuranzi, in bataia vantului uscat. Oare ce povesti voi mai afla acum? Si ce povete, oare, imi va sopti iar la plecare?... Pe curand, mama Dobroge! Pe curand... 

My thoughts were strolling over the hills while making it... Over the rich, abundant carpets of grass, over the flowers of the alpine pastures. Exhilaration of senses and blessed silence dripping in your ears. Like a balm... 
With it under my head, the sky would be more vivid. And bluer.

But I'm preparing for the sea... For my dear Dobrogea and for green. For her mellow roads, guarded by the ancient aspens dancing in the dewless blowing of the wind. What stories will she tell me this time? And what teachings will she offer me when we'll say goodbye again?... Till soon, Mother Dobrogea! Till soon... 

Tudor Gheorghe - Umbra plopilor

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  1. Dear Roxana,

    So you are going to Dobrogea soon?
    Looks like a place I'd really like to go; ancient ruins, meadows, trees,lakes and the sea, sun flowers, sunset...
    Seeing those beautiful pictures makes me feel like I was in that place.

    Your bag looks nice for the quiet, down-to-earth color of lining and the outside pocket makes a lovely, handy accent.

    Stay cool and enjoy your summer, Roxana.


  2. Dear Keiko,

    Yes, I will be there in a week and to tell you the truth I can't wait! Dobrogea is a wonderful region in my country, a place full of history and austere beauty. It is also the region I was born to and of which I'm bound by many sweet memories.
    If you ever decide to come and visit my country, I will be more than happy to tell and/or show you more!

    I'm glad you also liked the bag. This one I've made for myself, in some of my favorite colors and embroidered it with an old Romanian folk pattern.

    Thank you very much for your visit Keiko and stay away from the torrid sun! I've read that the hot season arrived in Japan too and it's just as unmerciful as it was and still is in Europe...

  3. Roxana draga, iti doresc sedere placuta in Dobrogea. Gentuta asta eleganta intr-adevar se potriveste de minune cu pamantul toropit de soare al verii. Ma gandeam in timp ce se deschidea fereastra de comentarii ca datorita blogului mi-am facut prietene virtuale atat de speciale cum n-am prea intalnit in viata reala. Sunteti toate niste fapturi minunate, inzestrate cu talent, iubitoare de frumos si parca vesnic in actiune. Sunt foarte fericita sa va am in sufletul meu. Te imbratisez cu drag.

  4. Draga Rita,
    Iti multumesc frumos pentru urari si imi pare bine ca ti-a placut geanta! Pana nu demult, nu credeam ca pot face singura asa ceva, desi o astfel de geanta nu "cere" altceva decat atentie si rabdare.

    Si eu ma bucur ca pot impartasi cu tine si cu cei care mai trec pe aici broderiile, dar si gandurile si parerile mele personale. La randul meu te admir si apreciez pentru minunatiile dulci care iti ies din maini, pentru pasiunea si creativitatea cu care decorezi torturi.
    Dar cel mai mult ma bucur atunci cand vad ca intr-o tara si lume prinse intr-o concurenta extrem de agresiva si de paguboasa, ne putem aprecia unii altora eforturile si aportul, fiind in acelasi timp profund satisfacuti de ceea ce suntem si facem noi insine.

    Te imbratisez la randul meu si-ti doresc zile frumoase!

  5. Hi,Roxana, I'm back online. You must be having a good time at Dobrogea now. While seeing the photos of the past post, I wondered where you were strolling around. I will definitely go there if I have a chance to visit your country. I’d like to wish you a sunny weather but if the sun is still scorching, I’d rather wish you softly falling rain or overcast. I think the nature will whisper you in different charming voice no matter how the weather is. You must look nice with that lovely bag. You like to attach a pocket, don’t you? I like to have one or two pockets even with my skirt. Take your time and come back refreshed and recharged.


  6. Hi, Yoko, welcome back! I trust you had a good time off line!
    I didn't leave yet, not until Thursday, but I'm very anxious about it.
    Thank you for your wishes, I choose soft rains and overcast! I don't mind not getting a tan, I'm not crazy about going to the beach anyway. I always preferred the sea during autumn and winter.

    I'm glad you liked the bag. I do like pockets, I appreciate their utility or coziness in this case. I thought an outside pocket would add a nice, cheerful touch. I'm really proud to wear it daily since I made it.
    And if you ever have a chance to visit Romania, please count on me! I'd be thrilled to be your guide and host here.

    Take care and see you soon!

  7. Hoping you have had a very good time in your trip to the place where you were born!

    It's always a visit to memories and feelings when we can go to where we have lived in childhood!

    Roxana, your words, your work, the photos enchant me...

    You touch my heart, my feelings and I thank you for this!

    Be always happy, my friend Roxana!

    Hugs and kisses!

  8. Vera,

    It was good because I met my family and I spent time with them.
    But the city itself... that's another story! :( What wasn't scorched by the torrid sun was stained by the people's hand. Now dear memories and childhood feelings is all I have about the place. It saddened me deeply.

    Thank you for your words of kindness and appreciation! Have peaceful days ahead and take good care of yourself!