Soapte de departe / Whispers from afar

Galben aprins a bucurie. Muzica. Vechi radacini din Banatul sarbesc. Margarete in vant... Si mama. Celebrare a soarelui. Celebrare a vietii. Si Aide Jano...

Bright yellow of happiness. Music. Old roots from Serbian Banat. Daisies in the wind... And my mother. Solar celebration. Life celebration. And Aide Jano...

Hara - Aide jano

12 comentarii:

  1. ...eu doar vreau un nr de cont, si masa mea impodobita cu blandetea si sensibilitatea margaretelor tale.
    Ma uimesti de fiecare data. Multumesc!

  2. Szusszanas, rapid te-ai hotarat, nu gluma! :)) Iti multumesc si eu pentru comanda(?) si, mai ales, pentru votul de incredere.
    Cred, sper, ca te voi mai uimi si pe viitor. Ma simt destul de... inspirata in ultima vreme!
    Te pup, cu drag.

  3. Dear Roxana, lovely everything!!

    The colors and their meanings...

    All your so beautiful work of art...

    The music...

    A little taste and smell of Romenia! Its beauty and kidness that come to this far place and brings us good feelings.

    I knew before about your country, your culture, but now I am knowing better and loving more, because of your respect and love for the things around you.

    Thanks for all!
    Good days ahead, my friend Roxana!

  4. Dear Vera,

    Thank you for your lovely comment and appreciation!
    I'm very pleased myself with the result of my work for the past two days, all the more so as this enchanting melody accompanied me the whole time. :) It's so full of life!
    The melody though is not fully Romanian, but an original performance of a Serb song, from one of my dearest Romanian music bands, called Hara.
    Thank you for everything and I wish you a great weekend!

  5. N-am mai vazut demult ceva atat de frumos si de delicat...felicitari din inima! Banuiesc ca faci si de vanzare, nu-i asa? Stiu ca pretul nu se spune, se apreciaza arta, dar totusi as vrea sa stiu...multumesc!

  6. Buna dimineata, Liana!

    Iti multumesc frumos pentru aprecieri, ma bucur mult ca iti plac broderiile mele! Da, sunt si de vanzare. Mai multe detalii, inclusiv pretul, poti gasi pe blogul meu de broderii: www.lafereastracugutuie.blogspot.com (ai si link direct in coltul din dreapta sus, chiar sub antet). De asemenea, le voi lista in curand si pe etsy.com, in cadrul magazinului meu virtual.

    Toate cele bune si un weekend cat mai fain iti doresc! Te mai astept, cu drag.

  7. Dear Roxana,
    You made another lovely place mats.
    Luminous yellow color really seems to brighten our hearts. Just like yellow moon will forecast a fair weather.
    I enjoyed the music too. It filled me with something akin to nostalgic feeling with its light rhythm.
    Your new header is also beautiful! I feel a cool refreshing breeze endless through avenue.
    Have a nice weekends, Roxana.


  8. My dear Keiko,

    I'm happy you liked the placemats, thank you! Though I never wear yellow, least of all such an intense shade, I like this color very much and I associate it with summer and good spirits in general.

    The header is a typical road from Dobrogea (http://destinatiaintamplatoare.blogspot.ro/2011/08/dobrogei-cu-recunostinta.html), the region I was born to and were I grew up. It only looks refreshing (or it used to be like that when I was a child)), normally is very hot and dry.
    And lately, it's been like this all over the country... To tell you the truth I would give anything for rain!!!

    My best of wishes and have good days ahead!

  9. These are another lovely placemats, roxana. Yellow brings to me sunny feelings of joy, warmth, and welcome. The overall impression of the design to me is Japanese, so I will put chopsticks in the pocket. The music is evocative of the land far away.

    How nice it is to see what dear friend looks like! In the profile image, you have such a beautiful, intelligent looking just like your soul I have already known.

    Tonight it’s muggy here but much more bearable than the real summer heat. Wish rainfall soften the heat wave in your place. Take care, Roxana.


  10. Dear Yoko,
    Thank you for your compliment and the very touching appreciation! I'm so happy that the overall impression of my design is Japanese, I'll just have to adjust the pocket for chopsticks! I don't know why I've never thought of that.
    The music is sort of a momentary obsession right now, I listen to it a few times a day... It's medieval sounds are so full of life and energy.

    In here it's also muggy (you always teach me some new word in English, thank you!), but at least we enjoy a spectacular sunset. And I also hear distant thunders, so the so-much-waited rain must be close. Or rather a storm, after so many days of broil!

    I wish you cool, refreshing days ahead, Yoko, and take care of yourself!

  11. Culorile pamantului. Excelent! Sunt uimita de cat esti de inspirata si talentata. Felicitari si sa ai o zi superba.

  12. Rita, intr-adevar, culorile pamantului! Iar pentru ele, nu cred ca exista suport mai potrivit decat inul. Sau canepa, daca s-ar mai produce si gasi pe la noi. Din pacate nu prea!...
    Multumesc mult pentru cuvintele frumoase, comentarii ca al tau imi dau incredere sa merg mai departe pe drumul asta.
    O zi excelenta iti doresc la randul meu, sa te bucuri de racoarea asta mult asteptata!!