Semne din batrani / Ancient forecast

Cand se iveste luna, daca e galbina - e a vreme buna, iar daca e rosie - e a vant.
Cand paiangenul isi intinde panza - e semn a vreme buna si fara vant, iar cand "isi taraie panza" - o aduna - e semn de vreme rea si cu vant.
(Comoara satelor, Anul I, Ianuarie 1923)

In concluzie, inca o zi senina si fierbinte....

If the moon is yellow when it rises - the weather will be fair, and if she is red - it will be windy.
When the spider is reeling his web - it's a sign of good weather, without wind, and when he's bringing it together - then it's a sign of bad weather and wind.
(The Villages' treasure, First Year, January 1923)

Conclusively another sunny, hot day....

4 comentarii:

  1. Roxana, how beautiful the photos!!!

    And the text is a poem...and what is said is so interesting.
    We can call it popular wisdom, can't we?

    I remember things my father used to say, like the way something in the weather would be because he had noticed another point...

    I have to say in portuguese:
    Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindo!(screaming like a child!!!!!)

    Warm hugs, my dear friend!

  2. Dear Vera,

    You always bring a big smile on my face and cheer me up with your tonic and enthusiastic presence!
    Estou feliz que você gostou das fotos, muito obrigado!

    Indeed, it is popular wisdom. It's an excerpt from an old magazine with collected Romanian traditions, old customs and teachings from various areas of the country.
    I was very glad (not surprised though) to hear that your father is that kind of person who still knows and teaches his daughter the signs of nature.
    A warm hug from my part as well and have a good night!

  3. The moon looks like a tangerine. Spider web is a delicate nature’s art. Nice shot, roxana. Stay cool.


  4. Thank you, Yoko! I've made the pictures just outside my window. I'm a great admirer of the spider web, I think it's a marvelous engineering of nature.
    You too try to stay cool. Here, with temperatures up to 30-31 Celsius degrees on the inside, the air it's just hot and sticky. I'm so looking forward for some rain!!