Intelesuri ascunse / Hidden meanings

Unele, mai simple, ne vorbesc tuturor deopotriva.
Altele, mai complexe, isi soptesc tainele doar acelora pregatiti sa le primeasca intelepciunea.

Simbolul de mai jos l-am descoperit intr-un articol despre vechi arhetipuri geto-dace si, se pare, se afla sculptat pe poarta sanctuarului de la Sarmizegetusa. Nu i-am deslusit inca soapta, dar am simtit nevoia sa-l reproduc si sa-l dau mai departe...
Pana acum, este cea mai dificila broderie la care am lucrat. Nu datorita complexitatii punctelor de cusatura folosite sau a detaliilor migaloase, ci pentru simplul fapt ca n-am putut coase la ea decat in anumite zile sau momente ale zilei. Si astfel, nu de putine ori, a devenit obositor si dificil sa continuu. Nu am o explicatie pentru asta, insa acum ca e gata, am o mare bucurie ca am incheiat!

Some, simpler, speak to us equally.
Others, more complex, whisper their secrets only to those ready to receive their wisdom. 

I discovered the symbol above in an article I read about Dacian ancient archetypes and, apparently, it's carved on the gate of Sarmizegetusa sanctuary. I haven't managed to understand its whisper yet, but I felt the need to reproduce it and pass it on... 
So far, it's the most difficult embroidery I've made. Not because of the complexity of the stitches I used or the niggling details, but because I could only sew in some days or parts of the day. Thus, pretty often, became hard and weary to continue doing it. I have no explanation for this, but now that's ready, I feel a great joy I've finished it!

simbolul original / the original symbol

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  1. Hi Roxana,
    Laborious painstaking work!
    I think it's true about symbols; "Others, more complex, whisper their secrets only to those ready to receive their wisdom." A hidden meaning reveals itself in accordance with one's personal development.
    The message you got was that you felt the need to reproduce it and pass it on.
    I wish more and more people try to listen to them (of course including me).

    You did a good job, Roxana.
    Have a nice week ahead!


  2. Hello Keiko,

    Thank you very much for your kind words of appreciation! I'm glad you liked my embroidered pillow cases.
    I totally agree with you that a hidden message will only reveal to the one that's on a higher level of self development. That reminds me of Mother Willow's song from Disney's "Pocahontas" - "listen with your heart, you will understand..."

    As for me, I'm only happy I found the energy and perseverance to finish the project, if not more. Just for that, I feel it was a valuable lesson.

    You too have a good week ahead and thank you for stopping by! It's a pleasure having you here, Keiko.

  3. Multumesc, Szusszanas! Emotia se simte si este de ajuns...

  4. You are one of the leading Romanians (or Dacians) to pass on the heritage from the ancient times! I suppose those symbols are whispering what ancient people valued and their concept of life.
    I can feel your great joy felt in front of your accomplishment. You minght have been unable to concentrate on the solitary embroidery work but still you had time and efforts to continue and then update your blog with meaningful messages – I’m happy for you, roxana. The pillow cases are beautiful with brown and blue color which look symbolizing the sea, the sky, and the earth. Everything looks in harmony..., if only it’s not destroyed by human activities.

    How about the heat wave? Take care and have relaxing days.

  5. It's very nice of you to say that, Yoko, thank you! I don't consider myself one of the leading Romanians to pass on the Dacian heritage, there are others who have done tremendous more and from who I'm learning a lot. Maybe just a little one who's only at the beginning of a beautiful and mysterious trip in our cultural and spiritual past.
    I think you are right, ancient people valued their concept of life and they were able to integrate an immense amount of philosophy and spiritual knowledge into symbols like this one. And I have a great admiration and respect for those really able to "read" them.

    Yes... unfortunately, the human power of destruction is very strong these days, but it also seems Nature has decided to strike back. Maybe we'll learn something and stop before it is too late!

    As for the heat wave it came and went and came back again this Monday. They announced a hot week, of which today and tomorrow will be the worst. Up to and over 40 Celsius degrees at shade in the west of the country and only 34-36 in the center, where I live.

    You too have good days ahead and take care of yourself!

  6. Dear Roxana,it is really a work of art, also determination and a great respect with the culture!


    You have all the motives to be proud and happy!

    If you don't mind I'd like to share with people in my blog, telling everybody what one can do when really want to...

    I've also posted your precious comment today in my blog!
    It is a simple way of thanking you and showing people what our purposes are...


  7. Dear Vera,

    Thank you very much for your appreciation, you are most generous! I'm honored you chose to share my work and my words on your blog and honestly, I don't know what else I could say... except for thank you again for your permanent enthusiasm, support and trust in what I do!

    My best of wishes and have good days ahead!

  8. Buna ziua Abdul, bine ai venit!

    Da, fetele de perna sunt de vanzare la comanda. In cazul in care esti interesat, iti pot trimite mai multe detalii ulterior.

    Multumessc, numai bine!

  9. Buna Roxana,

    Imi poti spune cat ar costa 4 perne?


  10. Buna, Laurentiu!

    Iti multumesc frumos pentru comentariu si intrebare. Ti-am trimis raspunsul pe email si, in acelasi timp, am actualizat aceasta postare cu pretul si alte detalii, pe blogul de broderii.

    O zi frumoasa si toate cele bune!