Invocand ploaia / Calling down the rain

Zile fierbinti... Soare torid, verde parjolit, albastru intens. Si liniste. Adapostite cine stie unde, pasarile si-au oprit cantul. Si vantul bataia.
Precum odinioara, cand eram copil, m-am trezit inganand incet "Paparuda, ruda / Vino de ne uda..."

Invocand ploaia. Sa ne ude, sa ne curete, sa ne creasca.

Burning days. Torrid sun, scorched green, deep blue. And quietness. Sheltered who knows where, the birds had stopped singing. And the wind had stopped his blowing.
Forgotten incantation since I was a child, I found myself softly humming "Paparuda, ruda / Vino de ne uda..."

Calling down the rain. To water us, to purge us, to grow us.

... si o inedita versiune a cantecului Paparudei, din Moldova, in interpretarea surorilor Osoianu.

... and an original version of a Paparuda song (Drought ritual), from Moldavia area, performed by the Osoianu Sisters.

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  1. Another lovely placemats! I wonder if embroidering stitch by stich is your rain-making ritual? May the god of rain answer your prayer and gladly bring rain!

    Here in Japan as a rice-planting culture, rain during the rainy season is a matter of life and death, so there has been different rain dances or lion dances from region to region from ancient times. However, to much rain not only shatters farmers’ livelihood but also destroys the community and kills people. In the southern part of Japan, people experienced the most violent torrential rain in their lives yesterday. Flooding or drought..., it doesn’t seem to rain in the places where people are desperately praying for. I will disperse the rain which is now raining cats and dogs outside toward you.


  2. Hello, roxana.

      It is my joy to share your wonderful work.
      And sweet message charms my heart.

      I pray for your happiness and world peace.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma ❃

  3. Hi Roxana,
    Drought causes serious problem but sometimes once it rains it pours here.
    Paparuda song is easy to follow. I will join in singing together!

    Do you make those place mats for yourself or for any other purpose?

    Wish you'll get a bountiful rain as soon as possible.


  4. In this case, embroidering was something like a rain-making ritual, Yoko. And I don't know if it was for my "ritual" or for you dispersing the rain in Japan and sending it to me, but from yesterday we can finally breathe!

    I read about the flooding in Japan and my heart goes with your people to safely get over this new test of nature! After so much drought in my country, the change of weather brought strong winds and hail. As if the long drought was not enough to almost entirely compromise this year's crops.
    Sometimes I wish it would be that easy to send the excess of rain or sun in those places that really need some. Moderation is extremely important everywhere in the world, unfortunately it seems that the year of the dragon meets all the previsions and expectations they forecast in February. Or is it the results of our foolish actions that already start to show?...

    Stay dry and take good care of yourself, Yoko!

  5. Hello ruma,

    It is my joy to have you here and share my works with all of you!
    Thank you very much for your kind words and prayers. Maybe the world would be a better place if more people were like you!

    My best of wishes and have a good week ahead!

  6. Liana,

    Iti multumesc!!
    Ma bucur mult ca ti-au placut si-ti doresc o saptamana frumoasa!

  7. Hello Keiko!

    I think our song had been heard, because rain has finally come to these parts also. I'm sorry to hear about the flooding in Japan though and I really hope and pray things will soon change for the better!

    The place mats (and all I posted so far on my blog) are examples of the embroidery ideas I have. This is what I do every day. I make them for myself or I offer them as gifts for friends and family, but they're also for sale, in case anyone is interested in buying.

    Wish the weather and rains will soon calm down and things get back to normal. Take good care of yourself and have a good week ahead, Keiko!

  8. Ce dragute sunt! Ar fi grozav sa mananinci pe ele cand iti doresti ploaia. Spor la cusut in continuare!

  9. Rita, iti multumesc frumos!
    Da, sunt grozave pe timp de vara si mai ales la micul dejun. Ii dau mesei un aer de veselie si buna dispozitie, bine-venite zic eu, la inceputul zilei!

  10. Roxana, nu stiu cum nu am dat de tine pana acum. Ce faci tu aici mi se pare cu totul iesit din comun. Esti altceva decat ce am vazut pana acum...
    Tu chiar existi??

  11. Gabi, cu putina intarziere... dar exist. :-)
    Iti multumesc mult pentru apreciere si pentru vorbele frumoase! Inseamna mult pentru mine, ma ajuta sa merg mai departe pe drumul asta.
    Toate cele bune si sper ca intr-o buna zi sa ajungi sa-ti traiesti visul! Te mai astept, cu drag.