Für Tiziana

Tocmai a implinit paisprezece ani. Invata bine si este frumoasa. Ii place sa cante la pian, Yiruma fiind unul dintre preferatii ei. De asemenea, adora sa inoate. In apa, e ca un peste.
Muzica si apa... o combinatie mereu curgatoare...
La multi ani, draga mea!

She just turned fourteen. She's good at school and she is beautiful. She gracefully plays the piano, Yiruma being one of her favorites. She also loves to swim. In the water, she's like a fish.
Water and music... an ever-flowing combination...
Happy birthday my darling!

8 comentarii:

  1. Hi Roxana,
    How wonderful she seems to have a sound body and mind.
    Yes. "Water and music. An ever-flowing combination"in her.
    My best wishes on her birthday.

    Your bag is lovely with music embroidered on. The wine red color inside is also lovely.

    Thank you for sharing a happy occasion!

  2. Hi Keiko,

    It's good to have you here! Thank you very much for your wishes!
    I'm glad you liked the canvas bag, I'm pretty proud of myself too because this is the first time I'm making one. Luckily, I found a great do-it-yourself tutorial and I just embroidered it and added a few small details. It is meant to be a casual or a beach gift-bag for my niece. I hope she'll like it!

    The lining it's actually lavender pink, the same color as the flowers, but unfortunately the light wasn't so great when I took the pictures so... that's the result! :)

    Thank you for stopping by and have a great weekend!

  3. Un cadou foarte frumos si, ca de obicei, inspirat. Imi place foarte mult Yiruma. La Multi Ani! micutei si multa bafta.

  4. Rita, multumesc frumos pentru urari si cuvintele frumoase! Sper sa-i placa si sa se bucure de ea. Recunosc, astept impresiile cu emotie. :)
    Si mie imi place Yiruma mult.

    Te pup cu drag, sa ai un weekend fain in continuare!

  5. Happy birthday to your niece from me, too! Is Tiziana her name? What a nice present! When I make a canvas bag, say, for my granddaughter in near future, I’ll surely borrow your idea of embroidered music note made of flower which is the same color with the lining.


  6. Thank you very much for your wishes, Yoko! Yes, her name is Tiziana.
    I thought so too, that a summer bag like this would make a nice present. I would be happy and honored if you decided one day to use this pattern to make one for your granddaughter!
    I liked your granddaughter very much. I remember her in that picture at your daughter's wedding wearing a very cute yellow dress. She was so sweet and beautiful!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend Yoko, I am happy for your visit!

    PS I'll also post the link to the tutorial I found and used for making this bag. I don't know about you but tailoring is not one of my strong points!

  7. Congratulations, my dear friend Roxana, for your beautiful work and for yor niece's birthday!
    Your work is pure art straight from the heart!
    Warm hugs for you and for your niece!

  8. Thank you very much, Vera, for your wishes and your kind words! You are always so appreciative and encouraging about me and my work.

    My warmest greetings and a big hug from me as well! Have a restful, sunny Sunday!